You have the right travel to Iran without visa if your country that you are the citizen of, makes the visa of Iran free.

What Iran Visa Means?
Iran visa is similar to other countries’ visas but has it has its formalities. Some of the regulations depends on the passport holder citizenship. Nowadays Iran visa is electronic, this type of visa is named Iran E-visa.

What Should Know Before Applying Iran E-visa
Your Nationality
The first step for starting Iran visa applying process is considering your nationality. Iran visa different policies in according to nationalities, you can visit Iran freely, when you are the citizen of countries that is followed and the duration that you can stay.

What is Visa code?
When you take your visa code, mostly you are done with visa application. It depends on whether you want to get the visa at Iran international airports or at embassy of Iran in your country, just this step is left. One of your choice is that you can take on arrival Visa, Visa on arrival means you can apply for a visa code from government of Iran by filling a form like what is on the page of Islamic republic of Iran ministry of foreign affairs on E-visa request and after getting the visa code you will get the visa on your arrival at Iran international airports. Another choice is the visa that you can get from the embassy of Iran that is near to you. If you apply this method, you may need to fill a visa request form and then go to Iran embassy in an appointment and have a possible interview at the consulate. The specific type of visa that trip to Yazd is trying to talk about is the tourist visa (B – Tourist), Visa for Foreign citizens who intend to travel to Iran for tourist purposes. According to the sanctions and other political conflicts, president of USA, Trump said if any citizens of any countries travel to Iran, has some problem while travelling to USA and arriving at this countries’ airport. But just you travel to Iran, you will find and understand that Iranian people seek for peace. So Iranian government won’t make a stamp on your passport. Don’t worry about Trump, Iranian government will give you a distinct paper that shows your visa information and Trump and his government won’t find out from your passport that you have traveled to Iran. Trip to Yazd collect the information that you need while applying for Iran Visa, according to what is mentioned on Islamic republic of Iran ministry of foreign affair site, you need such a documents:

Needed Documents And Information
You should have the following documents available while you complete your online visa application:
• Passport
• Travel itinerary, if you have already made travel arrangements.
• Résumé or Curriculum Vitae– You may be required to provide information about your current and previous education and work history.
• Digital personal photo in accordance with the requirements announced
• Digital image of your passport in accordance with the requirements announced
Other Information – Some applicants, depending on the intended visa types, will be asked to provide additional information when completing online visa application.
on the last option, visa application of tourist visa just needs the information such as what is mentioned below: Your First Name, your name that is written in your passport. Last Name, your last name that is written in your passport. Father Name, the name of your father that is written in your identification certificate. Date and place of the bird, is the same as what is written in your passport. Present Nationality, which country are you currently citizen of. Former Nationality, what is your past nationality. Sex, your gender, whether you are female or male. Marital Status, are you single or married. Name and Nationality of spouse, what is the nationality of your husband or wife, if you are married. Type and Number of Passport, what is the type of your passport diplomatic, official, and regular. Mostly the type refers to the country that you have the passport of it. Date and Place of issue, the date and the place that your passport has been issued. Phone, your work office or home phone that is accessible. Please note it with the code of the country. For example, +96xxxxxxxxx Cell Phone, the number of your mobile phone that is valid and reachable. Please note it with the code of the country. For example, +96xxxxxxxxx Profession, the career of yours. For example, you are a teacher or a retired one. Purpose and duration of stay in Iran, you should write down why you want to travel to Iran, if you want to visit Iran as a tourist you can write cultural tourist. How many days you want to visit is counted as you arrive to Iran. to make it clear, please note that you apply for visa in 19th April and you get the visa code on April 22th. You have to apply for visa at embassy before May 22th. The visa on arrival doesn’t have this limitation. When you get the visa you have the right to travel to Iran within three months. When you arrive at Iran you just have the time to stay that you mention here. Email, your email that is available is needed. Approximate off arrival to Iran, when you will arrive to Iran. Border point of arrival to Iran, which border you will arrive. If you arrive with car and from frontier you should mention and in this case, you have to apply a visa from the embassy of Iran in your own country. But don’t worry about the arrival stamp on your passport in this situation too. Have you already visited Iran? if you have visited Iran for any purpose please mention and the year that you have been here. Which Countries have you visited? You can mention the countries that you have visited yet. You can send us this information with the documents that have been mentioned to apply the visa code for you via or our Whatsapp +989134511814. Applying visa code via the documents and information that you send us just costs less than 10 $. But you have to pay for the visa about 75$ on your arrival at international airports of Iran,(Imam Khomeini Airport(Tehran), Mashad international airport, Isfahan International airport, Tabriz International airport and Shiraz international airport) or at the embassy of Iran in your country.

Iran Insurance Obligatory
If you from a visa-free country, you do not need to get insurance to enter Iran. When you arrive at Iran borders either frontier or international airports there is an obligatory insurance that you have to pay for it depending the coverage items up to 25$. If you already have an international insurance, that its domain covers Iran, you can show your insurance certificate to the insurance desk and pass




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