star rating  Amazing servis and adventure by desert rodeo off-road. Very friendly staff and everything goes very smooth. Reliable company !

29 April 2020

star rating  Would you like to stroll in Yazd (World Heritage Site) with someone who knows everything and everybody? Meysam is the perfect guide: kind, knowledgeable, extremely helpful, professional and patient!
Today... read more

4 March 2020

star rating  We were lucky that “Mr. Meysam Zare” was introduced to us. Very very friendly and good knowledge. His strength:
Time management
Very polite... read more

1 February 2020

star rating  Going to the tourist information office was one of the best decisions I could make. I got information qbojt Yazd and Iran in general. We also chatted about our countries,... read more

16 November 2019

star rating  We book today an trip
The service has been great

It is a profetional company and the price are correc

We sugest this Vompany to our friends
... read more

1 November 2019

star rating  We booked a pick up tour from Isfahan to Yazd. Meysam picked us up at 9.00 am at the hotel and showed us some amazing things on the way to... read more

Lea H
31 October 2019

star rating  I and two friends spent a super day exploring Yazd with Maysam. He collected us at 10am. We visiting the Tower of Silence, Fire temple, bazaar, water museum, gardens, old... read more

Ruth C
15 October 2019

star rating  Meysam was our guide in Yazd city, he showed us all the highlights with very good explanations and being polite and friendly, 100% recommended.

1 October 2019

star rating  They are helpful with any possible questions. I used them to book an evening trip to the desert. Very nice and recommended.

11 May 2019

star rating  We have booked a tour with Meysam for the Tower of Silence.
During this tour, we decided also to have a ride with him from Yazd to Shiraz, as my... read more

6 May 2019

star rating  I really recommend to book the trip to the desert. Great experience and nicer people. You will do different activities and they will give you drink and food.

29 April 2019

star rating  Very helpful! Good information, reasonable price and even helped me get in touch with some strangers I met at the desert camp.

Dave K
29 April 2019

star rating  We were about to take the bus from Yazd to Isfahan but we saw on Instagram the Saryazd castle and we though it would be great to visit it before... read more

28 April 2019

star rating  Private and very informative tour in the old city of Yazd, hiking on the sand dunes in the desert and visit to the Zoroastrianism cites. The guide was very friendly... read more

Andrea C
22 April 2019

star rating  We had a great time in Yazd. Yazd is a beautiful city with great historical sightseeing. Besides the history, we were amazed by the outstanding architecture of this town.
... read more

21 April 2019

star rating  in front of fie temple you can see Tourist information office which will give you any service you need like. guide, private car rent, tour and ticket ,.......
the staff... read more

14 April 2019

star rating  Meysam was a knowledgeable and friendly guide who knows Yazd comprehensively. His insights and explanations were superb and interesting.

He also ensures that we are taken care of and... read more

13 March 2019

star rating  It has a lofty and beautiful portal designed by mosaic tile that the implementation had been completed during more than one century. The type of tile is some how that... read more

16 February 2019

star rating  These museum is located in an old dormitory that has been built for orphan children. this museum shows the ceremonies, the customs, the pilgrimage sites of Zoroastrian people. vising this... read more

16 February 2019

star rating  Jameh mosque is a very nice place in Yazd where you can spend hours walking around and find amazing points...remember trying sound reflection under blue dome. this mosque is... read more

14 February 2019

star rating  Strolling along the historical Old Town of Yazd, you will soon find the awesome "Jame Mosque"! This mosque dates from the 12th century and has been built and rebuilt along... read more

13 February 2019

star rating  Iranian people are mostly Muslim but Yazd hosts the most Zaroastrian population and is a good place to know more about them.
The museum has exhibits explaning Zoroastrian ceremonies,... read more

12 February 2019

star rating  Yazd jame mosque is one of the most beautiful mosque in IRAN which is dated back to 800 years ago and during the centuries was completed. The entrance of this... read more

6 February 2019

star rating  Beautiful Mosque in the heart of the old town of Yazd. The minarets are with impressive 52m im height the highest ones in Iran. The facade is decorated with the... read more

4 February 2019

star rating  The mosque is the best and most beautiful place in the world. Has the longest aqueduct of the world.

3 February 2019

star rating  This is a relatively new museum located in a restored orphanage/school in Yazd to celebrate the legacy of Markar, a Zoroastrian from India who invested his wealth in helping others.... read more

29 January 2019

star rating  You can see some antiquity buildings that represent modern Schools near a century ago, bath and water system, cistern, cool old toilets and its usage, and great museum of... read more

20 January 2019

star rating  I've traveled many places in Iran , but i can assure you , non of them impressed me at the beginning . The staff acknowledge and presentation are absolutely wonderful... read more

20 January 2019

star rating  توضیحات بسیار کامل و عالی در خصوص فرهنگ
A perfect and small museum, school and ...
About zoroastrians history and culture!... read more

4 January 2019



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